Constitution Week and OPH

During our first offical week on campus, YAL at Stephen F. Austin State University was proud to announce our presence to students on campus campus and in the Nacogdoches community. 

We started off strong by tabling outside of our student center and giving away YAL pocket constitutions three days out of the week.  Students from all backgrounds came to our table to take some of our literature and question our beliefs and ideologies about the liberty movement. 

As we explained ourselves, the majority of people had interest in the organization, took some of our constitutions and our copies of After the Welfare State, and even asked when our meeting times and dates were.  We made a huge step in showing that we will be an active face on campus.



 We are already making plans with other organizations for our next tabling event on campus.  We are planning to have a voter information table where we will host Operation Politically Homeless with the Young Democrats and College Republicans, and register students at SFA to vote.  We are also planning on getting many of our members to become offical voter registrars in Nacogdoches County, so we are able to register people whenever, and where ever we need to.  We have also ordered a banner for our tabling events, and will order more pins and possibly wristbands.

We are looking forward to becoming more active on campus, and we will continue our support for the liberty movement!

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