Constitution Week at Auburn University

September 15-19 was Constitution Week, and the Auburn University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty made sure that everyone took notice!

Aubie signing the Free Speech Wall.

With special permission, members constructed a “Free Speech Wall” to display on the Haley Concourse so that passersby could express their First Amendment rights on their way to class. This proved to be very effective, seeing as both sides of the chalkboard were completely covered with words, phrases, and drawings by the end of each day.

The Free Speech wall.

In addition, various literature, flyers, buttons, brochures, and, most importantly, over 150 pocket-sized Constitutions were distributed to all those interested. Anyone who was interested further was given an explanation of the unconstitutionality of the “Free Speech Zone” policy on Auburn’s campus, as well as a brief overview of YAL’s purpose, and the goals of the liberty movement.

Thursday's tablers posing with the Free Speech Wall.

On the final day of Constitution Week, one of our members dressed up as “Lieutenant Dangle” from Reno 911 to humorously attract attention to the board. He must not have scared too many people off, because a total of 28 people signed up for the YAL email list.

Members posing with "Lieutenant Dangle" from Reno 911.

The first meeting after Constitution Week had a solid turnout, and featured a brief discussion on the minimum wage issue. Attendees also had the pleasure of hearing Dan Sanchez speak about Austrian economics and opportunities for Auburn students at the Mises Institute. Several members have been granted a year-long scholarship to take courses at the Institute and further their knowledge of political philosophy, economics, and history.

Dan Sanchez speaking to a YAL meeting Thursday night.

All are encouraged to apply online and take advantage of this amazing resource, conveniently located right across the street from Auburn’s campus.

The liberty movement is definitely taking flight at Auburn, and it will only expand from here!

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