Constitution Week at Berea College!

We had some fun during Constitution Week here at Berea College! Not only was the big event itself a blast, but the setup process also proved to be interesting.

As we built the wall, we built ourselves as a team. And, of course, painting was wonderful!

Our first wall signing…

Signing the Free Speech Wall

And another…

Also Signing the Free Speech Wall

Bereans like free speech!


And here’s the finished product.


As surely as it brought our team together, the Free Speech Wall and Constitution Week demonstrated the incredible leadership we have within Berea YAL. Vice President Jazmin Escamilla courageously took on the role of managing the wall and the entire week, and she led wonderfully. The wall brought out all sorts of free expression, ranging from the silly to the profound.


We look forward to following the First Amendment with the Fourth, as we explore the issues surrounding the NSA.

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