Constitution Week at Cal State Dominguez Hills

The YAL chapter at CSUDH decided that we should have a local speaker come to speak for constitution week on campus. We were able to book an attorney from the firm Michel and Associates who are the legal firm for the National Rifle Association and the California Rifle and Pistol Association in California. This firm has been mentioned in local, state and federal news and have had legal involvement in cases from the county level all the way to the Federal level. 


We hit a snag when the school did not approve our event until less then an week before. However, we were not hindered by this development. We still held the meeting on campus and scheduled the speaker. We advertised the event though a different set of methods which included flyers, direct emails, speaking in our classes and advertising though campus departments. We were able to recieve a decent turnout for our event.


The speaker spoke about dealing in a constitutional manner with law enforcement on the street, in your car and in your house. He also spoke about firearms law in California in regards to self-defense which is an issue for liberty lovers in the golden state. He stayed for half an hour after the event to answer questions and anything else that came to mind. He also gave out free copies of California Gun Laws which will be used to educate students about their rights. 

Question and Answer


Overall, we had a good time hosting the event and we will be doing the same thing next semester in cooperation with other student orgs on campus. 

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