Constitution Week at Elon University

We kicked off Constitution week here at Elon with our first YAL meeting of the year! We used the “Philosophy of Liberty” PowerPoint, gave out some free books, and of course, ordered pizza.


We started our meeting with introductions and ice-breakers. When asked, “What brings you to YAL?” the responses ranged from “I identify as a libertarian and want to get more involved on campus,” to “I saw free pizza!”

Whatever the reason for coming, every single person at our meeting was interested in learning more about YAL and was excited to come to more meetings and help out with future events. They all promised to sign the Free Speech Wall and spread the word about it to friends!

Which brings me to the very next day, when we first unloaded our supplies from Home Depot…


And set up our Free Speech Wall!


We chose the question, “What does freedom mean to you?” because it’s very broad and we figured we would get a wide range of responses.


It really grabbed students’ attention as they walked between classes and saw a giant board, calling for them to write on it.


It didn’t take long for the wall to fill up with responses, and we did, in fact, get a wide range. Some of my favorites being:


“The gov. keeping out of my business, doing what I want to do, saying what I want to say!”

…and my personal favorite: “Running around in a rabbit suit with no one to say I can’t!”

What a liberty-minded student body!


As always, looking forward to our next event to spread the message promoting liberty! 

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