Constitution Week at Friends University

Friends YAL!!

YAL @ Friends University celebrated our inaugural Constitution week with much fervor. We had the opportunity to teach fellow students about the importance of free speech through a masterfully crafted free speech wall (thanks to Jeren Francois and Karl Watson) and a little event to show the evils of the NSA and the importance of the 4th amendment.

We decided to go about our activism in a different way, though: We followed most of the guidelines for the NSA activism by going around dressed like government officials spying on people openly and recording their reaction.  We thought up a different scenario for the free speech wall though.  To teach people how important free speech really is, we would allow anyone to censor something on the wall if they wrote something before hand.

Interested people!!!

 We would hand out little slips of paper that had the word “CENSORED” in bold black writing and allowed the people to censor anything they felt like.  This was to teach people that if you give up your freedom of speech to the wrong people, it is very easy to be silenced.  

Overall, the events were a marvelous success!

Teaching people that if you give away your right to free speech, anyone can silence you.

We had twenty more people sign up, which has brought our overall totals in our first year to fifty people signed up.  With a student population of under 2,000 people, I feel as though that is a massive success. I would like to finish by thanking Jeren Francois, Karl Watson, Josh Hicks, Frank Jensik, and Tinesha Powers for the incredible work that they put into these projects!

Also, to see the rest of the fantastic pictures and video (totally check these out) go to the Friends University Young Americans for Liberty Facebook group.  

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