Constitution Week at George Mason University

Last week, the George Mason University YAL chapter constructed a Free Speech Wall (FSW) right in the free speech zone on campus. This area is called “North Plaza” and is the most actively walked area on campus, which helped influence people to come up and write on the wall! 

We started building the FSW around noon, and many people were curious as to what was going on – many even stayed behind to sign when we were finally finished! It became so incredibly popular that lines were formed so people could write what they wanted. “


We constructed two “double-sided” Free Speech Walls, and as you can see they immediately started to be taken over.


Overall, everything went great! We had two people manning the board the whole time, and this stayed up for a total of two days and got a few sign ups!

However, our walls was taken down by staff because we “did not have permission” to have something there. This is interesting, considering we did the same thing last year, but kept it up for four days, and never had a single issue. So much for voicing free speech in a free-speech zone. George Mason is surely rolling in his grave over the fact that a university named after him has a ‘yellow’ FIRE rating for free speech!

However, our Constitution Week was a success on the whole, and we look forward to the rest of the fall semester here at GMU!

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