Constitution Week at Grove City College

The Grove City College YAL chapter had a very successful Constitution Week!


Our main activism event took place on Wednesday, September 17. We tabled in front of our main academic building, displaying our free speech wall. During the event, we encouraged students to write on the wall, answering the question, “What does freedom mean to you?”

Students came up with both insightful and comedic answers. Others simply chose to express their thoughts on the wall. Even a few professors decided to join in on the fun!


While tabling, we also gave out nearly 200 pocket Constitutions and 100 copies of Peace, Love, & Liberty. In each book or Constitution we gave mini-flyers to advertise for our follow-up meeting the next Monday: “Free Speech and Free Pizza.”


At the follow-up meeting, Robert McNamara of the Institute for Justice gave a talk through YAL U about the intersection of freedom of speech and economic liberty. He explained how the government uses occupational licensing laws to limit the free speech of certain occupations.

We had free pizza at the meeting thanks to YAL National, and we had 28 students in attendance! So far it’s been a very successful fall here at Grove City College.

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