Constitution Week at ISU

The Illinois State University Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty is starting off on the right foot for this Fall 2013 semester!  With the combination of our sign-up week and Constitution Week, we picked up a few new members and started getting our ideas in order to garner some activism and involvement on our campus and in the surrounding communities.

For our sign-up event, we set up shop on the quad for Festival ISU, a campus-wide event where the registered student organizations get a chance to pump their brand. We set a goal of 35 sign-ups for that day, and managed to exceed our expectations. With 42 sign-ups in all, it was a remarkable success.  We set up the “Operation Politically Homeless” test and found some good company in a number of libertarians on campus.

Operation Politically Homeless

We also got paid a visit from a very special guest:

Erika Harold, a constitutional conservative running as a Republican in Illinois’ 13th District (which represents Illinois State) stopped by to shake some hands and pick up a copy of the Constitution!

Erika Harold Tweeted a Shoutout to ISU-YAL!

For Constitution Week, we got started by setting up shop on the Quad again to hand out pocket Constitutions and invite people to attend our Thursday meeting.  I gave a presentation that put the Constitution into a contemporary context, before exploring the importance of some of its most renowned amendments: namely the First, Second, and Fourth.  We had a decent turnout for this meeting; it was humbling to see so many people excited about the Constitution on campus.

Overall, these first couple of weeks were as successful as we hoped them to be, and then some. Hopefully we can get a continued and loyal membership to stick around and help us build our presence on campus…for liberty!

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