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This year for Constitution Week at IUPUI, we decided to branch out and do multiple activism events. The first activism project we did was to once again make a video. This time, the video was poking fun at the NSA and their “role” in making us safer. The second activism project was a showing of “A History of Syria” by BBC.

Along with our two main events, we also were sure to table all throughout the week and hand out a ton of pocket Constitutions. While tabling for Constitution Week we came into contact with a self-proclaimed “Bleeding Heart Liberal” who voiced her opinion that “To oppose the intervention was to oppose the government…and to oppose the government meant hating teachers and even firefighters!” Aside from the “Bleeding Heart Liberal,” our tabling efforts were a success, and we managed to hand out over 200 pocket Constitutions!


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The NSA spoof video was made over the course of two weeks due to weather and our individual school and work schedules and focused on a YAL chapter and them being spied on by a rookie NSA agent. This rookie picks up on key phrases such as “bomb“ and “die” and begins to stalk one of the members in an attempt to get to the bottom of what may be his biggest assignment yet. The video was a great opportunity for our newly acquired members to get involved with the group and hangout during filming.

Over half of the students in the video are new to our chapter this semester and promise to be great additions to the liberty movement in the future. In addition, we had the opportunity to get several students of IUPUI to serve as extras in the movie. Most of them were naturally interested in us parading around and asked to be a part of the spoof after learning about our intentions to poke fun at the NSA. Aside from my acting, I am extremely proud of our chapter and how the video turned out.

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The Syria conflict, although not our main focus, presented a unique opportunity for a lot of us in the chapter. Syria was shaping up to be a repeat of Iraq, but this time, instead of being 12 years old or younger; we were a lot older. We had a college campus and an entire national organization to help us voice our outrage. Using our campus’ Alumni Boardroom, we were able to show “A History of Syria” and then open up the floor for concerns or questions from the audience afterwards.

In addition, we were also able to get several of the Middle-Eastern student organizations to help sponsor and promote the event. As we were getting ready I asked around about the constitutionality of nation building and got mixed reviews from the attendees. Most were against the intervention, while a few still clung to the belief that intervention was the “right” thing to do.

I was glad to see that after watching the documentary and learning of the history and instability that has plagued Syria and that it was largely due to constant involvement by foreign governments, most of those in favor of opposition saw it from a different angle and walked away less sure of the “necessity” to intervene.


In recognition of all the hard work put in for Constitution Week, we were able to reward our members with a trip to LPAC! This obviously went over huge with the group. For most, it was the first time they ever got to hear not just Rand Paul, but also Ron Paul. In addition, some in attendance got Ron Paul to sign their Liberty Defined books! In the end the trip was a much earned reward for our members and we were fan-boying all the way back to Indianapolis that Sunday.


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