Constitution Week at KU

During Constitution Week, our chapter worked to educate University of Kansas’ students about the abuse of liberty from the National Security Agency. We set up cameras on campus and tabled with information about our chapter to highlight the 4th Amendment of the Constitution and how it is infringed upon by mass surveillance programs.

The event as a whole presented a great venue for students to learn more about governmental security overreach in the name of protection. Our set-up of automatically moving cameras was a great crowd grabber. Many students questioned if the cameras were recording them. We happily would take this opening to introduce the NSA mass surveillance programs. Some students even acknowledged they had never heard about this.

The opportunity did lead to more members joining our group, which was great! Finally, we also worked with a coalition of many organizations to gather signatures for restrictions on our city government acquiring an unmanned drone for surveillance purposes. We were able to successfully get over 60 signatures in just two days! This led to an effective compromise within our city counsel to nearly approval of the measure. Although not a complete victory, this represents a great achievement for our chapter and city controlling unlimited government surveillance programs.

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