Constitution Week at Ohio University

Members of YAL engaged in discussion on the Constitution and Free Speech

We were very glad to see such a great turnout at our Free Speech Wall for Constitution Day 2015. The campus at OU was more than enthusiastic in showing their First Amendment rights, which is a value of liberty not always remembered or enforced on our campus. We had a series of discussions with various different people on topics of liberty, government, and the relevance of the Constitution and our members were actually quite engaged in conversation with the student body.

Our table outfitted with YAL swag

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without resources and funding generously provided by YAL. We made great use of YAL resources, especially pocket constitutions, which drew lots of attention in and of themselves. We also made use of an activism stipend which has more than once genuinely assisted in our activism efforts on this campus.

Our loud and proud Free Speech Wall

We want to thank YAL for the supportive network of chapters across this state, and we hope to remain an active part of campus policy, activism, and discussion in the future.

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