Constitution Week at Pima Community College

Our chapter had plenty of fun celebrating Constitution Week!

Our YAL chapter celebrated it for three days and we built a freedom of speech wall. Our event went great! In general we had awesome feedback from the college and signed up 24 students!

Building the wall
One of our members works at Home Depot and he managed to get us most of the supplies with a discount. He also helped us model the wall with specific lengths so the wall would fit perfectly in the hall we were stationed at. 


Freedom of Speech Wall
Signing wall
Students loved our pocket Constitutions and expressing themselves on our wall. We are looking forward to seeing several of them at our upcoming meeting to discuss our National Debt Protest!

Overall this activism project was successful! We broke the ice with many people on campus, along with campus groups. We got more than 15 sign-ups and many people loved the idea of a freedom of speech wall.

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