Constitution Week at Pittsburg State University (Kansas)


For our Constitution Week YAL @ PSU chose to create a giant Constitution to display on campus.  Our first step was to decide how to create our Constitution.  We found high resolution images of the US Constitution online at and ultimately decided to have the Constitution professionally printed by our university’s print and design service.  This gave us a quality product that we could easily re-use in the future.


Obviously this method was not cheap, however, so we had to do some fundraising.
This proved to be much easier than we planned when a local conservative group made a very generous donation to our chapter which covered the entire cost of our Constitution and the materials for the display stand!

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We decided to kick off our Constitution Week on Tuesday, September 17th with a reading of the Constitution, and had originally planned to host this event outside of our student center.  Unfortunately we were forced inside by unfavorable weather but still prevailed to put on a good event despite the late change.
Our Homecoming Queen, Alyssa Marsh, was kind enough to sing the National Anthem for us, and she did an amazing job. Following the National Anthem, Student Government President, Taylor Gravett kick off the reading with the Preamble.

All together, we had 14 individuals take part in the reading, including seven student leaders, six university employees, and one community member.  After the reading we invited our readers and audience to sign our giant Constitution. Fortunately, the weather broke on Wednesday allowing us to set up outside to get more signatures from students and faculty.

In addition to asking students to sign our giant Constitution, we also handed out YAL pocket Constitutions and recruited potential members!



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