Constitution Week at Southeastern Louisiana University

The activism kit we received from Young Americans for Liberty proved to be very helpful for Constitution week. Our Southeastern Louisiana University chapter used the chalk provided to participate in a police chalk protest with the words “End Police Brutality, Begin Police Reform” outside of one of the busiest sidewalks of our campus. 

Chalk Side Image

We sketched body outlines of some of our members to catch the attention of our fellow students. Our secretary also included the hashtag #ItEndsNow. 

Body outlines group

It was a great way to bring awareness to an issue that has received a lot of national media attention recently. 

it ends now image

We also managed to distribute nearly the entire box of pocket Constitutions provided to us! We gave some to our faculty sponsor’s political science class, as he requires students to have a copy of the Constitution. This was greatly beneficial to us because it allowed us work alongside our sponsor and coordinate our efforts for Constitution Week with him. It also provided us free advertisement to a large portion of the student body who takes his classes!

Our chapter is proud of our participation and we look forward to our next activism project!

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