Constitution Week at Texas State

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What's that over there? Oh, it's Liberty!

In honor of Constitution Week, our YAL chapter at Texas State University decided that there could be no better way to promote the Constitution (one of our most sacred founding documents), than summoning back to life one of our founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson.

Cheer for Liberty

Chillin' with TJ

Just as in the days of the revolution, he was lighting the fires of liberty in the hearts of gentlemen and ladies alike. At first I thought it was bad timing having Jefferson on campus dressed in the attire of his day on the same date that other people were dressed up for “Talk like a Pirate Day.” However, after I remembered Jefferson was a great pirate hunter when he was president I figured it was rather fitting. He wasn’t alone on the Quad; he had four to five YAL members at any given time to back him up in case any Red Coats tried to make a move and stake a claim on the university.

Look what I have

Lil' too close.

he's still young at heart 
Collectively we passed out 300+ Constitutions to the students passing by, most of whom demanded a picture with the former president. The result of this is that we had 19 people sign up to join and a ridiculous increase in traffic on our Facebook page with people tagging themselves in pictures with good old TJ. 

Smile for liberty

why yes i would like a pic with TJ

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