Constitution Week at The College of Charleston

Last week during Constitution week, Young Americans for Liberty at the College of Charleston decided to change up our Constitution week activism plans. We decided to go with the “Free Speech Ball,” which was a great idea due to the mobility of the ball and being able to move it to the most populated spots on campus.

We started in the Cougar Mall, which is one of the most populated areas on campus, and ended up moving it to the cafeterias during lunch hours.

Talking to CofC students about the 1st amendment

Constitution Week

Our YAL members were very dedicated and active in educating the students and faculty on campus about the Constitution — specifically the First Amendment, since that was our main focus for activism during Constitution week. 

Overall, Constitution week at CofC was very successful for our chapter! During our meeting that week we focused on the NSA and the 4th amendment with a roundtable discussion. We also continued to recruit new members and signed up over 50 people to our email list, handed out over 200 Constitutions and filled the entire 72 inch free speech ball over the course of 3 days. We are currently the largest political organization on campus and have the largest political organizational presence on campus as well. Our chapter will continue to grow in size due to our dedicated YAL members!

YAL CofC members

Young Americans for Liberty at the College of Charleston is continuing to do big things at CofC by hosting a town hall event featuring Senator Rand Paul on Tuesday, September 30 along with the Political Science Club and the Political Science Department. Our chapter is also bringing in a local defense attorney regarding “flexing your rights” with the Police and a NORML lawyer who will speak on the dangers of the drug wars. Liberty is rising at the College of Charleston! 

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