Constitution Week at the College of Charleston

Constitution Week at the College of Charleston went surprisingly well considering that it was our first activism event.  We decided that we wanted to try to make a giant Constitution because our chapter believed that it would not only get students’ attention, but it could be used as a more permanent advertisement for our group on campus.  Student groups at the college are allowed to make signs out of sheets or fabric to hang in Cougar Mall or even on one of the main streets of campus, with this in mind we got two yards of fabric and fabric pens to write out the Constitution of the United States.

We the People

Still Writing

 Knowing that the whole Constitution would not legibly fit on the fabric that we bought, we decided to limit ourselves to the first article. The task of actually writing down the first part of the document was slightly more time-consuming than we anticipated, clocking in at around six hours, but the effort was well worth the product. Once we started tabling many students could not believe that we had taken the time to write out event the first article of the Constitution in its entirety.  

Banner and Table


Old and New Members Tabling

Students were thrilled to sign the giant fabric replica for Constitution Week which gave us a great opportunity to talk to them about Young Americans for Liberty at the College of Charleston.  At our follow up meeting Wednesday September 25th, we had thirteen people present, including five very enthusiastic new members whom we met while tabling.

Follow Up Meeting

Overall Constitution Week at the College of Charleston was a success; we got over fifty new sign ups to our email list, gained some promising members, made connections with several groups who we can work with, and created a giant Constitution full of signatures that we can use for long term advertising!

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