Constitution Week at the University of Houston

Constitution Week Table

Constitution Week has always been a successful recruitment theme for our chapter at The University of Houston. It has been the easiest and most effective way for our members to hand out materials to students, including small flyers that fit neatly inside the pocket Constitutions advertising our next new member meeting.

Plus, I think it goes a long way toward giving our chapter “street cred” when we can hand out free materials, especially neat pocket Constitutions that look like they clearly cost someone money somewhere. Every time we get to hand out Constitutions, I’m always asked by amazed students or hear them as they walk away: “Whoa…these are free?” They sure are! Well…they’re free for them. We all know YAL is fortunate enough to have donors that make handing out these materials possible.

Students came by our table in droves to grab a pocket Constitution. Within the first hour and a half we had already handed out over 100 Constitutions and handed out over 200 flyers for our next meeting. Somewhere around 25 students signed up to learn more about YAL with about 5 to 10 students clearly showing an interest in belonging to our chapter. That is definitely a successful tabling by typical standards at our campus, and I believe it was due in no small part to our being able to hand out excellent material provided to us. 

As an aside, it is a great feeling to know that at the end of the day one of the greatest documents ever created by man is now in the hands of more young individuals. The Constitution certainly receives a lot of lip service these days and it definitely does not get its due recognition from younger generations; but, we were glad to be the one student organization at The University of Houston that had a chance to change that, so we thank everyone who made it possible for us to spread the timeless perspectives of our Founders. 

We’re looking forward to our next new member meeting on October 10th. If the free Constitutions were not enough to draw more students in than those who signed up, perhaps the free pizza and drinks will be. Free grub goes a long way for college students. 

Back to the grind for liberty…

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