Constitution Week at the University of Illinois!

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign YAL chapter held a Constitution Week event on our main quad on 9-20-11. It was a huge success!

More Activists!

We co-sponsored the event with the Illini Conservative Union (another RSO). We used two large displays of the Constitution and the principles embedded within it. We handed out free cookies that were wrapped with red/white and blue bows, YAL Constitutions, and gave everyone a five-question Constitution quiz to test their knowledge of the document. We had more than 10 of our members manning the table throughout the day.

Peaking the Interest of a Professor

To get the word out about the event, we created a Facebook event, and sent out an e-mail to our 160+ member mailing list. We signed up 10 new members, and we had a blast talking with all the students on campus about how important our founding document is to the preservation of our great republic!

Our Booth

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