Constitution Week at the University of Nebraska

For Constitution Week, I had a giant beach ball and rolled it around for people to write on! Because we are not a registered student organization and can’t meet on campus, I passed out my contact information along with Constitutions and copies of Peace, Love, and Liberty.

My Free Speech Ball was a moderate success, as I encountered several people who were interested in attending meetings.

Free Speech Ball, cat for scale

A lot of people did not want to sign it, but they took Constitutions, so that’s a victory. The first meeting is next week, wish me luck!

A few comments from the Free Speech Ball:

“Be happy!”

“America the beautiful”

“Go Big Red!!!”

“Land of the free”

“F*** the NSA!”

“Legalize (drawing of a marijuana leaf)”

“I’m free to choose”

“Love everyone <3”

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