Constitution Week at the University of New Mexico

The YAL team, minus a few

Constitution Week at the University of New Mexico was great! Young Americans for Liberty gave away over 300 Constitutions to students and hosted a few successful events, including the Leadership Institute sponsored “Drowning in Debt Dunk Tank!” 

Tabling cont

We started the week by tabling inside of our Student Union Building. We were informed that the National Security Agency was participating in a career fair about 100 feet away from us, so naturally we brought some signage for a little passive-aggressive protesting.


Tabling always goes well, we received a lot of interest, and a staff member of the IT department reached out to us to weigh the possibility of hosting him in a meeting to learn more about computer privacy and network security. This goes to show that slowly, but surely, Young Americans for Liberty is gaining increased recognition on campus.

On Wednesday, YAL hosted a debate watch party at Dave and Buster’s. We had an excellent turnout for the event, and we had a great time socializing with each other. We decided that we have to host social events regularly to avoid becoming “all business” – next debate party is scheduled for October 13th!

Debate Watch Party!

We closed Constitution Week on Friday with the dunk tank. I was shocked with how many people actually took an interest in what we had to say, and how many people love dunking their peers in water. In total, the dunk tank event gained us 167 signups, gave away well over 200 Constitutions, each of which had an insert with our meeting place, time, website, and email address, and we met a few people who showed genuine interest in the liberty movement.

The National Debt

Our Event Directors did an amazing job with the signage. Vivianne and Gisele made a HUGE banner with the 18 trillion dollar debt as it read around 4:00pm the day before. Additionally, we did some research to find the average student loan debt the 2015 graduate had, and how much student loan debt our nation’s graduates have collected in total. In addition to the signage, we chalked the surrounding area to give passersby a better idea of what we were doing. 

Now our sights are on October. We’re planning on bringing Incarceration Nation to the University of New Mexico, and hopefully the Bill of Rights Graveyard closer to Halloween. 

Dunk Tank 


I’m so proud of my YAL team, and I’m looking forward to continued activism and spreading Liberty to the University of New Mexico.

P.S. We were threatened with loss of our charter if we couldn’t find a faculty advisor, and thankfully we finally found a professor willing to sponsor us. YAL is here to stay!

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