Constitution Week at The University of New Orleans

On Wednesday, September 19, 2012 the University of New Orleans got its first dose of liberty. Our chapter held its first tabling event on campus. Our group of 6 members strong tabled for two hours yesterday. We had a very exciting turnout. We collected 23 new signups who are interested in joining our YAL chapter and we were able to hand out over 75 pocket Constitutions!

A Few of Our Members

Passing Out Literature

We administered the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz (thanks to the Advocates of Self Government) and allowed students to post their scores on a poster of the quiz diagram. This allowed the students to see how the campus leans politically. Our results showed that UNO leans libertarian and with liberal coming in a close second. This is great news for a campus that is traditionally known to lean liberal!

Results of the Quiz

Student Places Sticker

In addition to passing out Constitutions and conducting the poll we promoted economic liberty by passing out literature by Ludwig Von Mises, Jacob G. Hornberger and Lew Rockwell. The message of Austrian Free Market Economics is taking a foothold at UNO. Peter Schiff is coming to speak On Oct. 26.

Isaiah 2 People at Once

I would also like to thank the Leadership Institute and Isaiah Cohen for all their help. They were great and we cannot wait to work together again in the future.

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