Constitution Week at UIUC

What a week to recap at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

We started with our meeting early last week, which, with Uber possibly coming to Champaign, built anticipation for Constitution Week.

The call of freedom was heard by many

We saved the big Constitution Week event for Friday. Truth be told, it is becoming something of a tradition for UIUC YAL to host a Free Speech Wall for Constitution Week. It was my first experience with it, but many more seasoned students and faculty showed signs of recognition.  

"You can write anything you want. We will not censor you!"

Throughout the morning and afternoon, many people had priceless reactions to the wall. More than one international student said that they intended to write things that would get them arrested in their home country. Faculty members, some more wary than others, scribbled messages in small corners.

Look at all those pocket constitutions

I am grateful for the engagement and interest in free speech, as well as other fundamental liberties, in our country.

If walls could talk...

I’d say our Constitution Week was a success!

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