Constitution Week at UTEP!

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Texas-El Paso celebrated Constitution Week in a fantabulous way! 


YAL UTEP Officers


We started off the week by commemorating the Constitution at the UTEP library. We passed out pocket Constitutions and read the Constitution out loud from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. This caught the attention of several students! 

VP & Prez

Library Atrium


This day we set up a table to pass out pocket Constitutions and cookies wrapped with the YAL logo and website link on the wrapping. This was a successful day because we got a total of 39 sign-ups in 3 hours! From those signups, 5 of those students have attended YAL meetings and socials. Instead of having a free speech wall, we had a free speech camera. Students were given the opportunity to voice their opinions regarding local and national issues. This helped YAL identify the politically opinionated and informed students and start interesting dialogue with students (download the attached video).

Preparing to pass out Constitutions & recruit


More recruitment...


We hosted our first “Guns Rule, Drones Drool” event to celebrate the 2nd Amendment. We had 7 veteran gun owners teach a few rookies about gun safety and proper shooting style. Some of the guns at our event include, 12 gauge shotgun, 10 gauge shotgun, AR 15, the judge, .9 mm, .22 revolver, .38 special revolver, to name a few. This event allowed us to simultaneously promote the importance of the 2nd Amendment and gun safety. 

Guns Rule, Drones Drool

Here’s a second video from our activism that day:

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