Constitution Week: Day 3, Giant Constitution

Consititution Wall!

The last day of Constitution Week has come and gone here at Coastal Carolina University. We built a giant Constitution and handed out tons of pocket Constitutions. (Pocket Constitutions are the best.)


But anyway, our Constitution was huge. We took our free speech wall and turned all the 8×4 plywood sheets so that they were vertical instead of horizontal. Then we printed out the original Constitution with a plotter. It took about 12 sheets to print it.


Sheet of paper

There were a ton of people who signed it. There were also several professors who stopped by to tell us what a great idea it was.


Another Proffesor.

Everyone who signed the Constitution, and even a few people who didn’t, was offered a pocket Constitution. A lot of people already had one, but some took one anyway because it was prettier than their old one. A lot of students were talking about keeping it in their car and whipping it out whenever they get pulled over or in trouble with the law. I guess a pocket Constitution is a good car accessory. Everyone should have one!

Setting up :)

Students posing

"John Hancock"

I personally love my pocket Constitution. It’s the best thing ever. At our Constitution Week follow-up meeting, a new girl came in and announced that she had spent the day reading her pocket Constitution cover to cover. Yay!


the wall was tall

We also had a lot of students that thought we were just doing another day of the free speech wall. Nope. Definitely not. The free speech wall was completely full by the end of the day! We could definitely have fit more signatures on our Constitution, but it did get pretty full. Several people who are on the newspaper stopped by to interview us and take pictures as well. It was pretty neat. 

At the end of the day :)


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