Constitution Week Event # 1 at MSMU: Privacy in the Digital Age

We have officially kicked off Constitution Week at Mount St. Mary’s University! This was the first of three major events our chapter had planned. We hosted a lecture by David Cole on dragnet surveillance and privacy in the digital age.

Lecture by David Cole

At a time when the junior class had been discussing Edward Snowden along with it being Constitution Week, this lecture fit in perfectly! Hundreds of students came out as well as dozens of faculty and staff members. Hopefully this brings the NSA and the importance of defending the Fourth Amendment to the forefront of students’ minds once again. This issue has not gone away, and it was truly wonderful to have such an eloquent speaker come and enlighten us!

Front Row!

Be on the lookout for posts from our next two events: Constitution Day tabling and LPAC! This will be HUGE, so stay tuned for photos and the inside scoop from LPAC!

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