Constitution Week — Free Speech Campaign

YAL @ Southeastern Louisiana University took time during Constitution Week to display student’s free speech rights on campus. We put together two Free Speech Walls in the Student Union Mall during Constitution Week. 

Free Speech Wall

Our chapter actively engaged with students about the university’s current Free Speech Policy. Many were surprised to hear what the actual policies were concerning speech on campus. Many could not believe the Free Speech Zones are actually enforced, and some even questioned the legitimacy of our claims until we showed them the actual policy. We gave students pocket Constitutions all week long and informed them that their rights are suppose to be protected by this document and everyone must uphold these rights.

Free Speech talk

Our chapter has received a decent amount of local press. First, the school newspaper, the Lion’s Roar ], has covered our Free Speech Campaign on a couple of occasions, as has Hammond, LA’s The Daily Star, as shown below.

Local Press Coverage

Lions Roar

We’ve started a petition to revise some of the free speech policies at school. So far, we have reached over 230 signatures. The goal we are shooting for is over 1,500. We have also obtain 28 new sign-ups during Constitution Week.

We are still actively pursuing this campaign beyond Constitution Week. Our chapter will provide an update to the campaign when it is completed. The full album of our Constitution Week Free Speech Campaign can be seen here on our Facebook page!

Free Speech discussion

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