Constitution Week Free Speech Wall at Eastern Kentucky University

Young Americans for Liberty at Eastern Kentucky University held a massive Constitution Week program on campus. Constitution Week coincides with our campus/city activity fair called City Fest. Which brings together over 2,000 event goers. 

With that in mind, our chapter wondered how we could reach as many students as possible. So we brainstormed as a chapter and decided on our course of action. We would hand out 2,000 U.S. Constitutions and hold a series of events on campus. 


Thanks to Young Americans for Liberty and several partner organizations, we were able to attain the constitutions. We then printed flyers about our upcoming Constitution Week meeting and placed them inside. We began to hand the constitutions out in classes, the cafeteria, and eventually at City Fest.Using Young Americans for Liberty’s stipend, we began to create a free speech wall. The wall would be 8 ft tall and use three 6 ft wide panels of plywood. Since we knew that our wall would attract students, we decided to make it as large as possible. The wall was so big that we had to use concrete in buckets to support it.


The day finally came… City Fest had arrived. We set up our table, wall, and clipboards, and began signing up students that wanted to join our chapter. We soon found that even though we had 10 people with clipboards, our group was not able to keep up with the flood of interested students. Our recruitment chair summed it up when he procalimed, “do we even have enough sign up sheets?!”

Students were extremely eager to write on our wall. While they wrote on the wall, our members made sure to invite them to our upcoming meeting. Members handed out constitutions, and got the contact information for prospective members.


Our wall was covered with student’s opinions about anything and everything. By the time that the event was over, we had collected nearly 400 student contacts! We began following up about our upcoming meeting. 

Just two days later, we had sent out reminders and waited for the flood of interested students. We had over 40 students attend our informational meeting. Our Chapter President Dustin Isaacs spoke to everyone about our group and how to join. We then had our Constitutional Law professor give a lecture on the Constitution. It was a fitting end to a busy week of spreading liberty on campus! 

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