Constitution Week huge Success at Dordt College

Sandwiched around our Restore the 4th event, Dordt YAL held a constitution week. We had 3 different professors speak on different amendments throughout the week. On Monday our Law professor spoke on the gaps in the constitution and what the founding fathers meant by what they didn’t say. On Wednesday we had the opportunity of having our journalism professor speak on what the first amendment has meant to him in his career as journalist in DC covering the White House and in Iraq covering the war there. He told of how the first amendment gave him the ability to hold Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s feet to the fire in order to get armored Humvees for the American soldiers. On Friday our Political Science department head, Dr. Jeff Taylor, presented on the 10th Amendment and how taking State’s Rights back from the Federal Government is a start on the path to increasing individual liberty and decreasing the size and scope of big government. Of course, we had the Restore the 4th event on Thursday and that went really well also. In fact, one of our members, Nate Muyskens went up to a student he knew and presented the “search warrant” claiming suspicious internet searches made this student a terror threat. The student (a friend of Nate’s) actually believed him and became quite pale according to Nate. After realizing that it was not real and having explained to him why we were doing this he decided it was in his best interest to sign up! Our Facebook post about Constitution week generated over 1600 views and gained our facebook page twice as many followers as we previously had.

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