Constitution Week Report

The Colorado State University YAL Chapter celebrated Constitution Day by hosting a Free Speech Wall on our campus plaza. 

Free Speech Wall in the making

Free Speech Wall drew a lot of students to our table

First, we had to make the Free Speech Wall.  Using the activism grant from YAL National, we went to Home Depot and bought the necessary supplies.  The key component that really sets our Free Speech Wall apart from most is that we decided to use whiteboard material to cover the wood.  This allows our chapter to reuse the board for all future events.  After constructing the Free Speech Wall, we made sure to get wet erase markers so that students could write on the whiteboard material without worrying someone else would just erase their writing with a swipe of a hand.  Our final design measured six feet tall (four feet of that was whiteboard) and four feet wide.  Because we wanted students to be able to see our Free Speech Wall on either side of it, we made it double-sided.

Our table during the event

Our Free Speech Wall was double-sided

Now that we had the Free Speech Wall, we were ready to tackle the campus.  We located ourselves on the plaza which is located in the main part of campus and sees many students pass by all day.  Right from the get-go, our Free Speech Wall was a hit.  We had many curious students engage in discussion with what we were doing and how they could participate.  Within two hours, both sides of our Free Speech Wall was filled with writing but there was still plenty of room for more students to fit in their own thoughts.  By this time, we had completely handed out all of the 170 pocket Constitutions we began with.  The student interest in our event was phenomenal!

Our final product

Our chapter was extremely satisfied with how our event turned out.  We had about 10 members of our organization actively helping engage the student body.  At the end of the day, we had about 20 new sign-ups interested in attending our weekly meetings and are now on our email list.  From those of us at Colorado State University, we were glad to be apart of Constitution Week and are excited for what is to come in the future!

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