Constitution Week shows how times are changing at Citrus College

Last year, Citrus College YAL launched our initiative to raise awareness about warrantless government spying with great success. In the end we gathered over 300 signatures for our petition asking student government to denounce NSA spying, but in the process of protesting one egregious violation of our rights we stumbled upon another.

In 2003, a student sued Citrus College with support from FIRE (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) for its unconstitutional “free speech zones,” and the college eventually agreed to eliminate them.

Fast-forward to the fall of 2013 — Citrus College threatens the President of Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Citrus College for violating its reenacted, and still unconstitutional, anti-free speech policies. Today, Citrus College finds itself in a legal battle once again over its unconstitutional free speech policies. More information about this case can be found via FIRE at this link.

In this atmosphere, the Citrus College YAL chapter set up a Free Speech Wall on Constitution Day to help students understand the power of free speech and its importance on campus. Overall, the response was incredible. Among all of the students that we spoke to, not a single one disagreed with the importance of free speech in a free society. With messages ranging from “Who is John Galt?” to “Don’t Tread On Me,” it is clear that students at Citrus College understand the importance of free speech.

Citrus college free speech wall

In addition to our Free Speech Wall, Citrus College YAL was up late this past week putting together “Constitution Day Bags” to help students appreciate Constitution Day even more. In every bag we put a copy of the Constitution, YAL fliers, pens, candy, and homemade fliers that we made ourselves just for the event! We think this preparation was key to our event’s success.

free speech bag

We would like to extend a special thank you to YAL West Regional Director Ryan Michie for supporting us and helping make this Constitution Day such a great success, and of course to FIRE as well for all of their help.

For more information about FIRE, Citrus College YAL, and Constitution Day, visit this link.

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