Constitution Week Success in Southern Utah

To say Constitution Week was a success at Southern Utah University would be an understatement, to say the least. Living in an area with so many people who respect and uphold the Constitution, we knew that we would see great success and have some fun in the process!

Free Speech Wall Volunteers

Our chapter originally planned on hosting just one event this year, the Free Speech Wall, but the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service asked that we co-host their Constitution Day event featuring a giant replica of the Constitution that students could sign. We were happy to assist, and were more than happy to work on two events for Constitution Week!

Our first event, co-hosted with the Leavitt Center, was a huge success! Hundreds of students stopped by to show support for the founding document of our country. While at the event, we handed out pocket Constitutions provided to us by YAL National. We handed out over 120 copies of the Constitution! We also spread information about YAL via word of mouth while promoting our chapter’s follow-up event — the Free Speech Wall which we hosted on Friday, September 19.

Free Speech Wall Crowd 2

The Free Speech Wall is a campus favorite, so we decided to bring it back for another year! Last year, our club found this to be a fun event that attracted people from all political backgrounds, as well as a great way to recruit students to join our organization. Thanks to funds provided by YAL National, and the building skills of our member Marcos Lopez, we built the wall in a few hours. We brought the wall to campus the next day, set up on the upper quad of our campus, and called for students to come and write on our free speech wall.

Final Picture: Free Speech Wall

Many students were interested in our wall, and the reaction was mixed. People wrote about personal problems, national issues, issues pertaining to their beliefs, and even some jokes. One student came up to me after they wrote on the wall and said, “Thank you for hosting this. I feel so liberated!” Needless to say, we were happy to assist these students.

Some students, though, were at a loss for words. Used to self-censorship, people weren’t sure what to write. “It’s too much freedom,” one student said to me, as they attempted to write something on the wall.

We were ecstatic to have such a great turnout, and the event started conversations between many students. We also recruited 10 new members! We received support from students all over campus and were even offered an interview with a local radio show to talk about our organization. Not only was the event fun, but it was great for outreach.

These events were huge successes for our YAL chapter. I can’t thank all of the volunteers and club members who helped out this week enough! Their help and outreach brought people to our wall, and brought new members to our organization. Our club is having fun while promoting the message of liberty, which is what it’s all about!

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