Constitution Week! — UW Baraboo’s Free Speech Wall

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For Constitution Week, YAL @ UW-Baraboo created a free speech wall! Our group reused a big board from our involvement fair and covered it with some craft paper from the art room.

We held a “hand writing contest” to decide who got to create the title and the quote. The winners were Grace for the title and Andrew for the quote. We decorated it with the words “Free Speech Wall” and a quote that our group pick out together “Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”

free speech wall title

We bought markers and candy for the wall. We also bought black and yellow duct tape to emphasis the free speech zone on campus to help us petition to expand it to the whole campus. We did our wall for two days and the board filled up insanely fast for the days that we were out there.

We encouraged students to exercise their constitutional First Amendment rights with some candy. Everyone who participated walked away every time with a smile on their faces and with the knowledge that they have rights too! Our event was so popular on campus that several of the signups we got wanted to help table on the spot and did so for the remainder of the day and also came to the meeting that same day.

our set up number 2


We got plenty of pizza and had a presentation on what YAL is and also to show some of the rights and liberties that are eroding away. All in all we had 6 new faces at this meeting. Looking forward to next month!

Andrew determining layout of wall

Andrew -hand writing test

Lia hiding from the camra

wall decorating snacks

Practicing for greatness

final touches

free speech wall signs


time to write!

free speech zone

and free speech comes out

finishing set up

and it begins

more signs!

justien work hard!

peps be speakin their mind

way to be

more peps writing!

he just wants candy ha!

final sign #1

final sign #2


our set up day 1

chalking SIGN THE WALL


showing off the books

liberty at its best

getting a bit full :)

day #2

set up day 2

petition sign ups

yal sign ups



tableing day 2

free speech done right

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