Constitution Week: YAL @ UT Austin’s Four Days of Activism

YAL at The University of Texas at Austin decided to do a week-long activism stint that involved the following activities: a Free Speech Ball, an illustration of NSA Spying, displaying a map of all the undeclared wars since the beginning of the United States, and asking students to sign a giant Constitution! 

(Day One)

Proceeding merrily, YAL @ UT Austin began activism on September 10 with what we’ve dubbed the “ratchet” free speech ball. We set up our table and free speech ball near the absolutely HUGE Study Abroad Fair to get maximum exposure for our group’s activism event! The three people in the middle of the photo – Sara, Bennett, and Alex – worked hard spreading liberty!

Free Speech Ball
We had a HUGE meeting afterward where we talked about Private Charity vs. Welfare and took a picture with our free speech ball!

Free Speech Ball 2

(Day 2)

Our second day of activism, September 11, we aimed at raising awareness about NSA Spying on campus. We had a boom mic and Nick Virden, President of YAL @ UT Austin, dressed up in a suit to look like an NSA agent. As students passed by, we pretended to spy on them and provided them with literature on privacy!

NSA Spying

NSA Spying #2

(Day 3)

On the following Tuesday, September 16, we had a giant map that had sticky notes showing all the unconstitutional wars from 1800 to present! We also handed out flyers the day before and that day about a speaker who we would host the following day!


(Day 4)

On Constitution Day, September 17, we handed out plenty of YAL Pocket Constitutions, got lots of people to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, and had people sign our giant Constitution!

ConstDay Activism

Later that evening, we hosted a local Austin lawyer to talk about our rights as United States citizens and residents of Texas! It was a packed house with an informative talk that was very well received!

CDay 2

CDay 1

CDay 3
It was a good week full of liberty! We expanded our email list from roughly 150 people to 200 people, gained 12 likes on our Facebook Page, and got the campus more involved and aware about the Constitution!

Overall feeling: lots of success campaigning and lots of liberty spread!

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