Constitution Week(s) at USC!

We at Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Southern California (YAL @ USC) continued our Constitution Week activism with a focus on free speech and police brutality. We started the morning with a Free Speech Ball, made possible with an activism grant from the national office. Thank you donors for making this happen!





It was great! So many people loved the idea and unlike a traditional Free Speech Wall, we were able to pack everything up in a small backpack. It’s basically like tabling on wheels as we were able to roll the ball around a fairly large area of campus. Students loved it as they wrote many positive and affirming messages, as well as a few naughty ones. Megan Wilburn, a field representative with the Leadership Institute, was with us to help with the activism. Big thanks to her for lending a hand!

That evening, we continued our police brutality awareness campaign with a talk entitled “Ferguson, Police Militarization, and the Power of the Camera” featuring Reason Magazine’s Zach Weissmueller. Weissmueller covered the Mike Brown shooting protests in Ferguson.




It was a heart-breaking talk featuring many of Reason Magazine’s documentaries on police brutality, including the tragic slaying of Kelly Thomas. Afterwards, we had a very heated discussion on libertarianism and the solutions it offers.

See more of Zach Weissmueller’s work here.

We started Constitution Week a week early, and we ended it a week later! Three weeks of Constitution Week activism covering everything from free speech and free press to police militarization and the drug war.

Last week, we raised awareness about the War on Drugs along with USC Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter president Daniel Freire. We passed out Students for Liberty brochures about the drug war and offered students “pot brownies” (brownies inside a pot).


That is it for us at YAL @ USC! How did your Constitution Week go?

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