Constitutional Expert Michael Badnarik Lectures at IUPUI

From Ohio to Kansas, Michigan to Indiana, liberty activists from across the Midwest gathered at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis to attend an all day constitutional lecture by Michael Badnarik, an expert on our nation’s founding documents.

Falling nothing short of exciting, Badnarik’s lecture kept attendees on the edge of their seats for over eight hours! The fifty-plus students learned, in addition to countless other truths, that George Washington wasn’t the first President of the United States, that the Federal Reserve doesn’t have any power to print money and that you don’t need a driver’s license, registration, or license plates to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways.

Michael Badnarik presented a truly eye-opening take on the constitution—all made possible by Matt Kappus, Chris Gault, and the Young Americans for Liberty at IUPUI.

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