Constiution Week at Coastal Carolina University!

So, we started off the week by making our YAL tri-fold. Twas a good time, if I may say so myself:

Me making the trifold.

The trifold not really completed.

Actually, I guess I lied — Constitution week actually started with us having a build-the-wall cookout! However, we sadly forgot the camera. And I know, if there’s no pictures it didn’t happen but we have a wall as evidence. See? A wall!  

The wall.

Free Speech Wall

Today's setup

So, if it’s not obvious by our obnoxiously large wall, we celebrated Constitution Week with a free speech wall! Yay free speech! I should have wrote that on it… oh well. We got a TON of of people who were ecstatic to exercise they’re right to free speech.

More people

Freeeee Speeeechhhh

Even professors wrote on it!

Some people took a moment to really think about what they would write.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. We got 93 new sign-ups! The weather was absolutely perfect to do this event. One of our members works at media services so we were even able to record the whole thing! Note the large camera. We will be using the footage to create a time lapse video. It will definitely be posted as soon as we have the final edit. On a side note, we forgot about the tri-fold until about an hour after we started. It was on the ground to the right of the YAL sign and it was awesome. I didn’t get any pictures of that on this camera, but hopefully we can add one when there is access to the other camera.

More updates on our Fourth Amendment activism coming soon!

We had 93 new sign ups today!

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