Continuing Irony

In his post several spots below this one, Mark Perazella notes the irony of Obama’s identification with Lincoln given the latter’s words and record as president.  Perhaps equally ironic is Obama’s appointment of Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State.  I realize this is kind of old news, but it’s interesting given Obama’s framing of himself as “the candidate who would end the war” throughout the primary season – in contrast to Clinton, who voted to go into Iraq.  Now, however, he has put her in an incredibly influential foreign policy role, where all her formerly critiqued hawkish tendencies can be put to good use in Pakistan or elsewhere.

Ron Englishs Obama-Lincoln fusion portrait

It’s to some extent expected that each new president will tarnish his reputation once in office – and manage to do so fairly quickly.  Yet Obama is truly making strides in this endeavor, linking himself to Lincoln and Clinton after promising civil liberties and peace.  This, combined with whatever involvement he may or may not have had with the Blagojevich situation, putes Obama well on his way to following in his recent predecessors’ disastrous footsteps. 

Ron English’s Obama-Lincoln fusion portrait
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