Conversations on the Second Amendment at St. Lawrence University

In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, many of our peers at St. Lawrence University are now asking for gun control, and attacking the Second Amendment of the Constitution, seeing it as the cause of this tragedy.

The leaders of YAL and College Republicans at St. Lawrence University thought it would be important to present the argument for why gun rights are crucial, especially to prevent further tragedies. We got together today to have a conversation with our peers about the Second Amendment in the style of Louder with Crowder’s “Change My Mind” videos.

We got a few eye-rolls and jeers, but we were able to hold a few productive conversations with students who disagreed and were open to hearing our side of the argument. Many of them told us they now had a better understanding of guns and one later messaged me asking if we would do this again so she could learn more about the Second Amendment specifically. Students were impressed with our openness to hear their thoughts and engage in discourse instead of arguments. We peacefully made liberty win today!

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