Corporate Welfare Event at The Ohio State University

Early this September our YAL chapter at The Ohio State University had to opportunity to do a joint activism event with Americans for Prosperity about Corporate welfare.

Corporate Welfare is definitely a topic that many people on both sides of the political spectrum can rally behind. In fact, In our past tabling activism, we found that ending corporate welfare was something many students were very passionate about. Especially Left-leaning students who often got Corporate Welfare confused with capitalism. 

In order to raise awareness about this governmental policy, we joined up with Kevin and Kirsten, our local Americans for Prosperity activists, to give a presentation about it.  

Americans for Prosperity reserved a room at a local pizza place near the OSU campus and provided free food, dessert, drinks, and prizes for all the students who came. 

The event ended up being a huge success, we were able to fill the room with Students, the presentation was great and the event brought in many new chapter members. 

Overall, I would recommend any Chapter Presidents for YAL to connect with your local AFP representatives to partner on events. This event definitely helped jump-start our campus activism which has fueled growth this past month.

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