Cost Of War Event @ Liberty University

Young Americans for Liberty at Liberty University knocked it out of the park with our Cost of War Event on March 8th. Our speaker, Professor Ritchie, is a retired Captain who has served in the Army, Air Force, and Marines. He now teaches in the history department at Liberty University.

Captain Ritchie spoke on the incredible cost of our military bases overseas, and the astronomical bill taxpayers foot as a result of intervention in the Middle East and other areas around the globe. He also spoke about how we can #BringThemHome.

After the event, we gave Captain Ritchie a copy of Revolution by Ron Paul as a thank you from the club.

Students really enjoyed engaging with the speaker and discussing the ideas presented in the meeting. We saw several new faces, chatted over pizza, and had around 20 people in attendance.

It was a fantastic event! YAL at LU is growing, so stay tuned for updates!

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