Cost of War Exhibit @ Kansas State University

The Flags

YAL members at Kansas State University spoke out against the war by using flags to reveal the cost of the war to the students at KSU. The flags, each one representing a dead American soldier, were on display the week from Monday to Thursday. YAL worked with many other groups within the city of Manhattan, on the K-State campus, and with the YAL chapter at Kansas University. The Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice provided the flags and worked with us on this event. On campus, we worked with the Ambassadors for Peace Club, Amnesty International and the Students for Environmental Action.

The groups all worked together, despite other ideological differences, to fight back against warmongering and to point out the human cost of these unconstitutional wars.

The event was covered by the Kansas State Collegian

There were a lot of great stories from the event. Multiple veterans thanked us for putting on the event. One woman told us how her husband committed suicide due to PTSD. She was very thankful for us putting on this event. One student took the flag of a cousin of his who died overseas and said this was a wonderful event. Overall, it was a great success!

More pictures are on Facebook.

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