Cost of War Exhibit, University of Kansas YAL

flag display

YAL members at the University of Kansas wanted to do something big to speak out against the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and present a non-interventionist foreign policy to the student body.  An idea from the past is slowly turning into a traveling display across the state of Kansas where YAL chapters are teaming up with local activist groups to present a flag memorial for service-members lost and a forum to discuss the cost of maintaining the US Empire.  Groups involved include:
  • Ambassadors for Peace (K-State)
  • Amnesty International (K-State)
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War/Afghanistan Veterans Against the War
  • Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice (Manhattan, KS)
  • Young Americans for Liberty (KU, K-State, Wichita State)
We also got some press coverage:  University Daily Kansan (article) and Lawrence Journal World (video). Other media in attendance were KUJH and the University of Kansas Alumni Magazine.


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