Coug Day at the Capitol

A hearty debate took place among students from Washington State University-Tri-Cities. The event took place at Washington State’s Capitol building. Many of the students were members of the Student Senate. This is an annual trip done by the campus, the parent campus, and the sister campuses called Coug Day at the Capitol. 

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The debate took place for about 30 minutes in which we discussed the differences between the major parties as well as third parties within the U.S. We also discussed unions and free enterprise as well as the differences between capitalism, socialism, and communism.

Planning our day

At the end, neither of us could sway the other on any point. We came in with different viewpoints and at the end still respect each other. 

As one student said, “This is what I want to happen at our campus with YAL; discussions like this to get students thinking and talking and considering. No right nor wrong.” 

This wasn’t a typical recruitment event but we leveraged what was available. We spent the day talking about a range of issues including higher education, budget transparency among other things. We listened to the assembly on the floor and had a good verbal sparring. It was great seeing the assembly first hand and being able to discuss issues with other students.

Us in front of the Capitol building

Although this wasn’t an official YAL event we were still able to reach out to students about YAL. We handed each student a flyer and told them more about the organization. We hope to meet with all of them on campus to have more discussions as well as hold a proper YAL event. 

We used this event to leverage something already going on. Now hopefully we can have some additional help to plan something even better for this semester.

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