Cougars Meet Liberty at CSU San Marcos

On Tuesday morning, our fledgling chapter at CSU San Marcos hosted our first ever activism/recruitment event with the help of some traveling YAL leaders. We had a single table with a myriad of free paraphernelia, a giant ball, and four oversized markers.

As a new chapter president, I was extremely worried that nobody would care, and that I would be laughed at. I’m already extremely involved on campus, and I didn’t want people to view me as a doofus or an anti-federalist zealot. In addition to all this, I felt extremely overburdened.

That being said: we tabled for less than four hours, and received 60 sign-ups. And this isn’t even a quarter of the people that signed the Free Speech Ball.

To all my fellow new chapter presidents that may feel alone, anxious, overwhelmed, or all of the above:

  1. You aren’t alone; YAL will be there to help you every step of the way
  2. There’s no need to be anxious; everyone loves freedom! Nobody can refrain from a smile at a good old “‘Murica!”
  3. The duty of president can be stressfull sometimes, especially with full-time schoolwork, an occupation, Greek life, etc. I have all three to deal with as well. But the key isn’t stressing about it. Take a little bit of time to sit down and make a list of unnecessary things that you can cut out of your routine for the time being.

Our nation wasn’t founded in a day, nor without great effort from greater men. The effort needed to start and foster your chapter will be comparatively nil. So chins up!

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