CPAC 2010: speaks with two members of Young Americans for Liberty

Here’s an excerpt of Sam’s latest update on his chapter’s plans to bring Tom Woods to campus:

This is something that MUST be seen through to the end. A powerful act of liberty on one campus is something that can domino to college campuses all across the country; a polar-opposite of the communism domino effect, so to speak. This MUST end in a great triumph for the cause of liberty. The day that Tom Woods speaks his first words over the PA system in an overfilled auditorium, the IU campus will shake from the quakes of freedom which will bring the establishment crashing to the ground!

Please make a DONATION to help bring Tom Woods to Indiana University to allow students the opportunity to hear the OTHER SIDE of the economic story.

The group has now raised over $2000, more than half of what they need.  Please continue to spread the word about this situation and donate if you can!

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