CPAC 2014!

The SUNY Albany YAL CPAC trip was an enormous success! We joined forces with the SUNY Albany College Republicans to make it all happen and had an outstanding time. We attended training seminars, networked, and took time to enjoy ourselves. With the help of all of our awesome leadership we planned, organized and executed what was, to date, the biggest and most successful SUNY Albany YAL trip yet.


Our leadership team met Dana Loesch, who helped the word about our Second Amendment rally on campus back in October!

The CPAC Straw Poll was a success for Rand Paul, thanks to the help of young liberty activists aplenty at this convention. All in all, the event was a great way to show everyone why libertarians and conservatives need to put their differences aside and work together to halt the erosion of our individual freedom.


Our group did just that by listening to viewpoints made by speakers like Rand Paul as well as more conservative counterparts. Additionally, the conjoining of our YAL chapter with the College Republicans was the ultimate collaboration for liberty.

cpac group

All in all, we were inspired by the talks given and the new people we met, and as always, we grew our network for ultimate effectiveness in the upcoming academic year and for 2016. CPAC was a learning experience that there are people all over the spectrum who don’t want to see their liberties taken away!

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