CR vs YAL: Government, the Limited Edition Debate at the University of Cincinnati

This February, our chapter decided to host a debate with the University of Cincinnati College Republicans. We wanted to have a debate amongst the two more individualistic-minded political groups on campus. We debated the issues of immigration, drugs, foreign policy, and prostitution. We also answered questions from the audience.

Poster for the debate.

The Debaters (From left to right): John Kevin, Gerritzen Meyer, YAL President; Justin Katt, Media Secretary; Dylan Bruser, David Purtell, CR President; and Kevin Fairchild.

This debate was a great opportunity for John and I to debate for the first time while our debate veteran, Gerritzen, would still be there to aid if necessary. The debate also was a great opportunity to highlight some of the inconsistencies of Republicans and their stated goal of shrinking the government. Most notably, that lead to pointing out their superfluous spending on the border and drug programs and how their positions on prostitution and foreign policy were guided not by personal liberty and constitutionality, but rather personal morals. We had a great performance and plan on holding this debate once per semester.

Debate Moderator, UC Professor of Criminal Justice, Dr. John Wright.


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