“Creepy NSA Guy” at the University of Southern California

YAL @ USC (University of Southern California) is devoting two weeks of activism to raise awareness about the National Security Administration’s spying programs and the Edward Snowden revelations.

We dressed up as “Creepy NSA Guy” and asked random students if we could get their Facebook passwords or read their text messages. Needless to say, we received some interesting responses!

We were also promoting our “Fight the NSA” event with guest speaker Restore the Fourth Los Angeles to arm student activists with knowledge on how to join the struggle against the Surveillance State.

Below are some images of what our setup looked like. We had free copies of the Constitution, the “NSA Unchained” infographic from the ACLU, and an Edward Snowden-inspired poster (made by Dan McCall of Liberty Maniacs) to promote our event with Restore the Fourth Los Angeles.

Table on Trousdale

We also encouraged people to write on post-it notes to answer the question “What does the NSA know about you?” It is similar to the “free speech wall” except it was just on our presentation board. Little things like that makes your activism materials interactive!

What does the NSA know about you?

People got a little bit too honest.

We attached some of the files we used. Just use an image editing software to replace the text with your own. Feel free to use them in your NSA-related activism!

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